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 TLW Updated Rulebook

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PostSubject: TLW Updated Rulebook   Tue Dec 15, 2015 8:03 pm

The New TLW Rules and Regulations (In effect January 1, 2016)
Chapter 1: Superstars
1. This is a CAW (Create a Wrestler) League.  Therefore, the only superstars that will be accepted are original superstars.
2. Each superstar must have an overall no greater than 95.
3. Each superstar must have attributes be between 60 and 90.
4. Each superstar may claim 1 finisher and 1 signature as their own exclusive moves.
5. Claimed Finishers and Signatures may not be regular moves.
6. If a superstar claims a move, they claim all versions of the move.
7. Superstars may not have any current WWE finishers/signatures in their regular move set.
8. Superstars may only change finishers and signatures if the TLW Owner allows them to do so.
9. Superstars are not allowed to use another superstar’s finisher, with 2 exceptions.
10. Chapter 1, Rule 9 is ignored if the opponent has move thief.
11. Chapter 1, Rule 9 is also ignored if the superstar had explicit permission from both the superstar that owns it and the TLW owner.
12. The Sunset Flip Powerbomb 3 (and all future iterations of it) has officially been retired.  This means that this move may not appear anywhere in the superstar's moveset.
13. Each superstar will also claim their own theme song.  This theme song must not be a theme song from WWE/TNA/ROH/etc.

Chapter 2: Matches
1. There is to be no cheating in matches.  This includes (but is not limited to) glitching, glitch pins, hacking, or using outside interference (turbo controllers or having someone fight your match for you).
2. Lag is not an excuse for the result of a match.
3. There will be no milking matches in TLW.
4. All TLW matches will have no count out and a 30 minute time limit.
5. Chapter 2, Rule 4 is ignored if a championship match is going on.
6. Spamming moves and taunts is prohibited.
7. A superstar may drag his opponent for no more than 2 seconds.
8. Each superstar is only allowed to drag 3 times throughout the match.
9. Each superstar is only allowed 3 taunts throughout the match.
10. Wake Up and Comeback Taunts do not count towards the 3 taunts.
11. A victory can only be attained once a superstar has hit their finisher.  If it is a submission finisher, the superstar is allowed to try to make their opponent tap out.
12. OMG moments are not considered finishers, unless the OMG moment is a catch finisher.
13. A superstar may not pick up an opponent to do a finisher or signature.
14. A superstar is not allowed to use comeback or ring escape to no sell a finisher.
15. A superstar that has move thief may only use it once.
16. If a superstar is hit with 3 finishers, they must take the loss.  This will be known as the “Endgame Rule”.
17. Chapter 2, Rule 16, also known as the "Endgame Rule", is ignored at Moment of Glory.
18. In tag team matches, superstars may only break up a pin or submission once per competitor.
19. In tag team matches, superstars may not break up a finisher.
20. Superstars are not allowed to hover over an opponent.  In other words, if a superstar is trying to get up, the opponent must allow the superstar to get up.
21. When a match is going on, all mics must be muted or unplugged.  The only people who may have mics on are the commentators.
22. Commentators must talk about the match and any storyline involving the superstars in the ring.
23. Commentators are not allowed to attack superstars, unless they are intentionally attacked by a superstar.

Chapter 3: Championship Matches
1. There are 3 championships currently in TLW.
2. The TLW Championship is the highest championship in the league.
3. The TLW International Championship is the mid card championship in the league.
4. The TLW Hardcore Championship is the lower mid card championship in the league.
5. All 3 championships must be defended once a month.
6. All championship matches will have no count out and no time limit.
7. Championships will only change hands by pin fall or submission.
8. Chapter 3, Rule 7 is ignored if the stipulation of the match calls for otherwise.
8. Before all championship matches, an announcer will come into the ring for pre-match introductions.
9. Once the pre-match introductions are done, the match will not begin until the announcer has left the ring and the bell is rung.
10. All championships must be defended by the rules of it's brand.

Chapter 4: The New Point System
1. In order to qualify for a championship match, you must acquire the total number of points required for each championship.
2. Each championship has a different amount of points.
3. To earn points, superstars must do different things.
4. Showing up for shows is worth 3 points.
5. Cutting a promo is worth 2 points.
6. Winning a match is worth 5 points.
7. Losing a match is worth 3 points.
8. Hitting a primary finisher is worth 2 points.
9. Hitting a primary signature is worth 1 point.
10. Reversing a finisher is worth 3 points.
11. Failing to show up is worth -7 points.
12. Joining the league is worth 10 points.
13. To go for the TLW Hardcore Championship, it is worth 25 points.
14. To go for the TLW International Championship, it is worth 50 points.
15. To go for the TLW Championship, it is worth 75 points.
16. At the beginning of every month, superstars may turn in their points for title shots.
17. If, at the beginning of the month, no superstars qualify for a title shot, then the TLW Owner shall consult with champions about who they wish to face.
18. The TLW Owner may override the choice of the champion if it is deemed to be "an easy defense".

Chapter 5: Penalties
1. Anytime that a superstar breaks a rule, a penalty will be given.
2. These penalties can range from disqualification of matches, deduction of points, suspensions, or even termination.
3. When determining the penalty for different issues, the TLW Owner will consult the rulebook.
4. The penalty for not showing up to shows is a 3 strike policy.
5. Strike 1 is a written warning from the TLW Owner.
6. Strike 2 is a 2 week suspension from TLW and a 7 point penalty per week.
7. Strike 3 is automatic termination from TLW.
8. The penalty for breaking Chapter 2, Rule 1 is automatic termination from TLW.
9. The penalty for any other broken rules in the match category will result in a disqualification and 0 points from the match.
10. The penalty for breaking Chapter 8, Rule 5 is automatic termination.
11. The TLW Owner has the explicit permission to alter the penalties of any broken rule, but the guidelines are the minimum punishment.

Chapter 6: Promos/Storylines
1. Promos must be cut during TLW Television.
2. Promos will not be cut while matches are going on.
3. There will be a limit of 2 promos per superstar per show.
3. When cutting a promo, superstars must stay in character.
4. If a superstar is addressing another superstar, they must use the name of that superstar, not the gamertag.
5. Promos are meant to create and maintain storylines.
6. Superstars are not allowed to be in more than 1 storyline at a time.
7. While you cut your promos, you are not allowed to mention any other leagues that you may have or are currently in outside of TLW.

Chapter 7: Extreme Wrestling Society (EWS)
1. Starting December 10, 2015, EWS is the minor league system for TLW.
2. All recruits in TLW will automatically start in EWS, unless a superstar is deemed worthy to start in TLW.
3. EWS is run by oxShEnAnIgAnSxo.  You will respect him and his decisions.
4. In order for a EWS superstar to be called up to the main roster, he must have competed actively in EWS for a least a month and pass an evaluation process from Shenanigans and Sport Sup3rstah.

Chapter 8: General Etiquette
1. Respect is to be shown inside and outside the ring.
2. Everybody is able to use 2 superstars for TLW.
3. Shows take place every Friday night at 9:00 pm EST.
4. If superstars are not able to make it, they must let the TLW Owner know.
5. Superstars are not allowed to harass other superstars.
6. Have fun and welcome to True Legit Wrestling!!

Chapter 9: Executive Powers
1. Sport Sup3rstah has the right to edit the TLW rulebook as he sees fit.
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TLW Updated Rulebook
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